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Meeting of May 20, 2014

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Camosun Dinner meeting, held on May 20th, at Uplands Golf Club
President Colm called his first meeting to order and led members with singing of O Canada.
Toast to the Queen was given by James Nelson
Grace was said by David Moore

Introduction of Guests: Hans Rodenburgh introduced John Stevenson and Paul Pallin

Colm Foy introduced speaker Giles Newman. The subject of his presentation was how teams are
ranked for the World Cup of soccer (they call it football). After a highly comprehensive explanation and
description of the history of soccer, details on the number of teams that have won the World Cup
(surprisingly few, it turns out) current powerhouses of the sport with predictions on their probable
destinies. Spain, for instance, (the current World Cup champion, is deemed (damned?) to head into

204 teams enter the fray and 32 of them ultimately qualify for World Cup participation if I have this
straight, which isn’t at all guaranteed. If it’s wrong the person to blame is Stew Murray who took these
notes in the BE’s absence on trip to Tanzania (which may or may not be in the next World Cup – all
Africa countries are crazy about soccer. If it’s important I presume someone will let me know).
Now – if two teams play each other during the group competitions, they may not play each other again
unless they each happen to make it to the final.

Chronic underperformers are the Dutch, Portugal, England (GASP!) Belgium and Uruguay and a few
others. Current top ranked teams, by group) are Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon,
Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia, Group C: Columbia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan,
Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy, Group E: Switzerland, Equador, France and
Honduras, Group F: Argentina, Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria. Other groups eluded my pen which simply
couldn’t keep pace, but you get the idea . . . well, maybe. It probably has more to do with your personal

Giles, that cunning rascal, even devised a chart for distribution to members which, accompanied by a
toonie, permits the member to analyze the information and select which team is likely to win the next
World Cup – whenever that is. Points are awarded by some means throughout the tournament to
determine how the pot is split on a percentage basis. That IS correct isn’t it, Giles? Anyway, his system
puts an NHL draft to shame!

Thanks for an entertaining game/speech Giles. 

Hedley spoke on behalf of prospective member Jan Lim (Mrs. Lim’s name is Cheng.) He was voted
into the club unanimously, having attended the required qualifying business and social meetings and
events. Jan is a doctor of radiology and oncology. They have one son attending U. Vic. in economics.
Welcome to Camosun Gyro Jan and Cheng!

Job assignments:
If you weren’t at the May 20th meeting, be aware that at the June 3rd general meeting, members will be
asked to complete sign-up sheets indicating which club jobs they’d be interested in taking charge of, (I
know – ended with a preposition – oh well.) You’ll have a week to submit your choices and those who
haven’t turned in their information will have their tasks assigned.
Tom Wood is our official club photographer.
Brian Dixon has officially resigned from the club.

Future Events:
A good number of Camosun members have signed up for Port Alberni’s Installation on May 30th.

John Read has arranged a private viewing of John Colwill’s car mascot collection on June 11th at 7:00
PM. Contact John if you wish to attend.

The next general meeting is June 3rd at Gorge Vale Golf Club.

June 17th is the Steak Fry at Bob Doell’s.

The Picnic will be held at Barry Phillips’ Shawnigan lake cabin, date remains to be announced.

Health and Welfare:

Ron Frolek Spoke in connection with the sudden and sad passing of Bruce Restall from lung
cancer. Our condolences go out to Dianne and the Restall family

John Langdon is on the mend and we were pleased to see him at the meeting.

There was no sheriff or wine draw

Happy Birthday to:
Donna Bartlett, Beth Rogers, Cec Werner
Iain Brown, Don Boult, Tony Nadolski, Ray Elford, Bryan Appleton, Terry Fauteux,
Hedley Goldsworthy (that’s why he’s so irascible!) and Peter Stanford.