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Camosun Dinner meeting, held on June 3rd at Gorge Vale Golf Club

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President Colm called the meeting to order and led members with singing of O Canada.
Thanks to PP Bill Bradley for arranging the venue at Gorge Vale.
Introduction of Guests: Colm introduced his guest Patrick Benlulu
The President explained the duty roster and encouraged members not on the list to contact the
relevant director and sign up as a team member.

John Read introduced Jim Colwill to the members for his second presentation on car mascots.
Although Jim is not old enough, he and John met at a 50th reunion of their med school class.
The classic car mascot era pretty much ended after World War 2, with the exception of some such
notables as the Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, the Jaguar and the Mac truck.
Up to 1933 the mascot was part of the radiator cap and was inspired by celestial bodies, female forms,
male images, such as Charlie Chaplain, sports figures, dancers, animals, Satan and action mascots. Some are Heraldic e.g. La Mothe Cadillac others represent objects such as aeroplanes. They can be made of metal, glass or a combination. Rare mascots in good condition can fetch up to $27,000!
Another investing opportunity – Who knew?
Hedley thanked Jim for the entertaining variety and history shown in his collection.

President Colm noted that with the addition of recent new members the average age in the club has
reduced for the first time in many years to 70.7. Let’s see if we can break into the sixties!

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the “Blue Book” with a wealth of information for organisers of club
events, please pass it on to Colm or John Read.
Marc Dumais will shortly be putting up a Facebook page for the club.
Colm reported on the excellent Installation events held in Port Alberni at the end of May.

Have a read through the New Era Committee report (NEC) and Bob Skene’s comments in you email of
June 2nd and make your feelings known to Governor Bud Root in case a vote comes up in Wallace,
Idaho at the annual International Convention next week!

Pres. Colm needs 3 volunteers to attend the District Convention in Yakima 26 to 28th September. The
cost is $380 all found – great bargain!
The club exec will buy 25 Gyro licence plate holders which will be available to members at $5 each.
Camosun Gyro Club Bulletin

New Member:
Jan Lim, sponsored by Hedley and seconded by Stu Cameron, was duly inducted into Camosun Gyro by
Denis Moffat. Congratulations and welcome to Jan and his wife Cheng.

Future Events:
Tuesday June 17th is the Steak Fry at Bob Doell’s. If you haven’t signed up and given Hedley you
food and beverage requests by midnight tonight June 12th – you won’t get fed or watered! In fact you
may be in danger of getting turfed out into the street, if you show up unannounced.

The Summer Picnic will be held at Barry Phillips’ Shawnigan lake cabin, on Saturday August 9th.
Arrival time: anytime after 1:00
Location : Shawnigan Lake Cottage. 2256 Renfrew Frontage Road

The Phillips family will provide:
BBQ chicken and burgers
Soda Pop

Bring your twoonie for the Don Boult & Chris Stewart Bocci Tournament
Towel for a swim in the lake
Also, please note that the family is providing the food and sodas, but you are responsible for your own
alcohol, as in previous years.

Please RSVP to Barry Phillips directly with your attendance or regrets along with the number of
guests attending – or phone 250-652 6524

Happy June Birthday to:
Joan Frolek, Marlene Whelan, Gail Wedekind and Trudy Prelypchan
Dale Armstrong, Bob Skene, Bruce Macfarlane, Stew Murray, Giles Newman, Scotty Rogers and David

And to all members and ladies: Happy, Sunny, Lazy, Days of Summer