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Camosun Gyro Thunderbird Bulletin 16 September 2014

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Regular Meeting 16 September 2014

Uplands Golf Club

President Colm opened the meeting.

Colm’s “mastery” of O Canada is improving and his effort at the microphone was less embarrassing than it has been. He may be able to get it right all the way through by the time he leaves office. Nonetheless, Camosun once again proved its prowess in patriotism and a capella songmanship and the national anthem did not suffer too much. Bruce McFarlane proposed the toast to Queen Elizabeth I of Canada and Ken Travers produced an amazing grace.

The Uplands produced yet another delicious and copious feast at the expense of a significant number of unfortunate birds.

Colm introduced the evening’s Guest speaker, who was Dr Elaine Hunter, who introduced us to the wonders of ultra microscopy.

Elaine began by explaining some of the technical differences between the major types of microscopes, explaining that “conventional” electron microscopes produced extraordinarily detailed images, but in black and white, whereas her new machine (the only one of its type so far in the world that only came into existence thanks to the intervention of the Emperor of Japan himself!), though perhaps not as detailed, produced stunning images in colour. Using the two types together allowed a better resolution and understanding of very small objects (down to a few picots [look it up], as well as nano particles).

Her team, using the technology, had been able to engrave the university crest onto the point (not the head, although presumably they could do that, too) of a pin. In questions, she explained that this was not just an impressive pastime for the team, but had serious technical and commercial applications that go to the next level beyond the more familiar nanotechnology

Dr Hunter enlivened her presentation with a series of impressive – and, at times, terrifying – images from the natural world magnified thousands of times. Insects, in particular, took on quite a different level of ferocity that close up!

Camosun Doyen Les Wood recovered from the experience sufficiently to express our thanks to Elaine, while acknowledging that he may not have been alone in missing some of the more technical aspects of the talk!


Purely theoretical awards were presented to all those half dozen souls who had already signed up to the new web site at: For the rest of you, there won’t be any more awards, but the site will work much better as soon as we’re all signed up, so please do it now.

Colm reminded people (again!) of the Victoria Installation (September 19 – if that’s news to you by the time you read this, you’ve missed it!) and the District Convention coming up on September 26 in Yakima, Washington State.

It was “hats off” to Terry Fauteux who appeared from nowhere sporting a multi-themed baseball cap that only served to prove his credentials as a multi-personality phenomenon. The excuse for his eye-catching headgear was to announce the theme of the forthcoming Fall Fling scheduled for October 25: “Hat Party”. Gyros were warned that they will be required to produce imaginative headwear or obliged to accept the hat offered to them by the organisers that would be significantly worse. Don’t say you weren’t told. A sign-up sheet was circulated at the meeting; for those who weren’t there, please contact Terry or Jim Arnott.

The Gyro license-plate holders appeared in a box at the meeting by the magic of Gerry Neely and Pete Ryding (Albernis) and were handed out free to the qualifying members present, but sold for the pricely sum of $4.00 to others. They will continue to be on sale to other members while stocks last.

Colm reminded people of the forthcoming “Offspring Night” to which Gyro sons and daughters, their partners and friends will be invited to a pub-style evening and informed about the benefits and joys of Gyro membership. (Since the meeting, Giles and the President have decided to fuse the regular pub club on September 29 at the Irish Times at 7PM with the offspring night, hoping that everyone will inform relevant candidates.)

Finally, our bottle-draw MCs seem to be making a habit of turning up alone. None the less, Tony Nadolski did a wonderful job, which is more than you could say for your interim Bulletin Editor who failed, yet again, to note the winners (which only goes to show that we really need a new editor!).


Thunderbird Bulletin 02 September 2014

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Regular Meeting 02 September 2014
Uplands Golf Club

President Colm opened the meeting.

Despite the rather underwhelming level of attendance, a rousing chorus of O Canada got proceedings off to an appropriate start. Dave Bartlett proved his royalist credentials by proposing the toast to the Sovereign and Denis Mofatt reminded us how lucky we were to be enjoying this wonderful Victoria summer (despite the day’s downpour) with a sensitive and moving grace.

Colm introduced the evening’s Guest speaker, who was Peter Evans, President of our sister Victoria Club.

Tom Wood had a particularly good meeting when President Colm presented him (several years late) with his 25 year pin. Tom was his usual magnanimous self in his acceptance, politely making little reference to the delay!

Also late, though not by so much, was Jan Lim’s membership kit that Colm presented to him. Welcome Jan!

While all this was going on a vote was held and new member Patrick Benloulou was duly elected to membership. His installation will take place in October.

A number of chickens were sacrificed to supply the evening’s meal, which was excellent proof that the unfortunate birds had not perished in vain.

Guest Speaker

Peter Evans, soon to be relieved of the heavy responsibilities of his post at Victoria’s Installation on September 19 (please note the date in your calendars), gave an overview of his club’s activities. These include the annual bocce tournament and Heritage Acres picnic, monthly “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “App&Yap” evenings, a car rally, gun range session, a golf weekend, Valentine’s dance, a Robert Burns supper, Christmas dinner and regular meetings with speakers often drawn from within the club’s membership. Victoria’s membership has been stable at 62, with three losses and the same number of additions.

As with our own website, Victoria is overhauling theirs to make it more modern, user-friendly and with a secure, members’ only section for internal and personal information.

Clearly a glutton for punishment, merely reckless or excessively courageous, Peter has undertaken a complete revision of the Club’s Constitution and by-laws that were last updated in 1974 (that would be 40 years ago)! One thing emerging from the revision process is that the club needs to do a better job os educating both new and established members of the club’s rules and guidelines, since some confusion seems to exist on such issues as billing, both for meals and for special events.
President Peter spent the final part of his presentation outlining the plans for the Victoria Installation and giving us some details of the incoming President, Ian McGillivray and his First Lady, Eve.

The theme will be “Biker Cowboys”, kicking off with the Friday evening reception at Glendale Gardens (technically, the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific), 505 Quayle Rd – on the right off Interurban Rd past Camosun College), starting at 6PM. The Black Tie dinner will be held, as usual, at the Uplands on the Saturday evening, starting at 6PM also. For Moosemilk, head out to Glendale Gardens on the Sunday morning from 9AM.

Ian and Eve are from Alberta, where they have a farm, although Ian has a history in entertainment and the oil and gas industries, while Eve is from Melbourne, Australia and England. Both of them are seasoned travellers and unafraid of hard work.

Peter urged as many members of Camosun as possible to come and join in what seems to be a very fun event..

Ray Elford thanked Peter for his fine presentation and skill in handling the many questions that followed (one asking if, since money had not been mentioned, the even was free …).


Colm reinforced Peter’s strong encouragement to Camosun Gyros to join in the Victoria Installation and also reminded members of the District Convention coming up on September 26 in Yakima, Washington State.

First VP Gord Haddow gave a report on his participation in the Wallace, Idaho, International Convention. He and Peter, who was also there, panted a picture of a very alcoholic, hedonistic long weekend in what might be the only “Gyro town” in Western America. Oddly, they both saw fit to mention the town brothel.

Colm announced the arrival of the long-awaited Gyro license-plate holders, kindly ordered for all the Island clubs by our brothers in Port Alberni. The plate holders will be handed free of charge to all new members and to those who have joined since January last year. They will be on sale to other members for $4.00.

Colm refloated his idea of an “Offspring Night” to which Gyro sons and daughters, their partners and friends will be invited to a pub-style evening and informed about the benefits and joys of Gyro membership. The objective is to generate interest in joining the club among our own families. The best time to do this will most likely be in October. Colm will be discussing the project with Jim Arnott, the responsible Director, and Giles Newman, who has taken on the Social Committee.

The new website is almost ready and will be presented to members at a future meeting.

Finally, Peter Stanford carried out his best bottle draw yet (it was also his first) kindly assisted by veteran draw supremo Denis Mofatt. Your interim Bulletin Editor failed to note the winners (oops!).