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Sweepstake results from Giles

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Congratulations to the winners!

“While we’re getting stuff out, herewith is the final results from the Rugby World Cup game that I’d be grateful if we could send round to the membership.

After Keith Spacey leading all the way to the final, he was pipped at the post by Pat Marshall, Don Boult and Ray Elford, all of whom backed New Zealand to win. As previously reported, Chuck came last by some distance and gets his stake back.

The prizes are:

Pat Marshall $20
Don Boult $20
Ray Elford $8
Chuck Gorrie $2.

If the winners could seek me out at the next meeting, I’ll have their winnings.

The next big international championship worth having a sweep on may be the 2015 European Soccer Championships, unless anyone would like us to try something a little closer to home …