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2018 Annual Interim Business Meeting of Gyro District IV

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of the 2018 Annual Interim Business Meeting


Gyro International, District IV

The 2018 Annual Interim Business Meeting of Gyro International, District IV occurred on:

17th day of March, 2018, at 8:30 a.m.


The Inn at Gig Harbor, 211 56th Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

The 2018 Interim Business Meeting Agenda is attached herewith.


The meeting was called to order by Governor, Peter Evans at 8:30 a.m.

An Invocation was given by Matt Johnson; We held a moment of silence in Remembrance of the departed; Matt Johnson, as president of the Host Club, Tacoma, made us all feel welcome; Matt Johnson, as International first vice-president, gave greetings from Gyro International; Peter Evans recognized other dignitaries present; and executive officers present:

Executive Officers:
Governor, Peter Evans
Lt. Governor, Jordan Henry
Treasurer, Frank Hunaus
Secretary, Sean Walsh

, and roll was then called by the Secretary.

Club: Answer:
Bellingham Present by delegate, Emil Baijot,
Camosun Present
Fraser Delta Present
Golden Ears Present
Kamloops Present by delegate, Jordan Henry
Kelowna Present
Kitimat Present
Nanaimo Present
North Shore  
Olympia Present
Prince George  
Seattle/Bellevue Present
Sidney, BC  
Tacoma Present by delegate, Matt Johnson
Vancouver, BC Present
Vancouver, WA Present
Vernon Present
Victoria Present

Inactive clubs: Bellevue, Burnaby, Hollyburn, Osoyoos, Seattle, Wenatchee Valley, and Yakima.


With fifteen of twenty active clubs being present a quorum was declared.

This being the 2018 Annual Interim Business Meeting with proper notice having been given, required notice has occurred.


The following issues were discussed:


Issue #1.                 The Agenda

The Agenda having been previously prepared and circulated was presented and considered. Governor Evans briefly summarized the agenda.

An opportunity was given to proposing adding new Agenda items. Andy McDougall proposed a new Agenda item regarding his ongoing work on Gyro business cards for the International Membership Committee.

Andy McDougal moved for the Agenda to be accepted with the addition of one new Agenda item. Daryl seconded. The motion carried.

RESOLVED to accept the Agenda with one added Agenda item.


Issue #2.                 Previous Minutes

The Minutes from the previous business meeting at Gyro District IV Convention on June 15, 2017 having been previously prepared and circulated were presented to be approved.

Governor Evans summarized the minutes – No old business; Three new business items were two speakers and Past District Governor Andy McDougall’s motion that District IV approve a yearly contribution to the Betterment Fund which carried.

Matt Johnson moved for the Minutes to be approved. Mark Dumais seconded. The motion carried.

RESOLVED to approve the Minutes of the June 15, 2017 meeting.



Issue #3.                 Review of the Gyro International Secretary Treasurer Position

Governor Evans gave a report on the results of the committee review of the International Secretary Treasurer position, roles and responsibilities, and to propose a course of action given current Secretary Treasurer. First International Vice President Matt Johnson also gave clarifying comments. Emil Baijot also gave feedback.

The International committee published a report with the following recommendations:

  1. The roll of the Secretary Treasurer be split into two separate functions. A selection committee be formed to fill those positions.
  2. The position of Financial Administrator, an internal auditor, be formed.
  3. Maintaining the website and database requires a unique set of skills that cannot be easily found, and no succession plan exists, therefore a selection committee should be formed to fill this position.
  4. The Director of Membership role, currently held by Larry Duba, was accurate and a benefit to Gyro; with Larry stepping down, it was recommended that the position be posted to be filled in the Gyroscope.

No motion. No vote.


Issue #4.                    Gyro Business Cards

Andy McDougall discussed the Gyro international business cards. A few different designs were circulated with clubs giving a straw poll type vote on which design was most popular.

No motion. No vote.



Governor’s Report:

District Governor Evans gave a recitation of his activities since his election at the 2017 District Convention and comments about what Friendship in Gyro means to him.

Lt. Governor’s Report:

Lt. Governor Henry gave a report about what Gyro means to him, an opportunity to travel and an opportunity to participate in the events that other Gyros have made the effort to put together.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Hunaus reported about the balance sheet and other financial records. The District is very solvent. The proposed budget was circulated. Once the budget is approved, updated reports will be prepared.

Club reports:

Each club reported on club activities and membership status. Several spoke regarding the benefits of Gyro membership and different strategies they’ve implemented to encourage membership growth.



Issue #5.                 General Liability & Director/Officer insurance policies

Governor Evans and Matt Johnson provided information about insurance policies currently held by Gyro International and the fact Director/Officer insurance is not currently held. This is an issue that Gyro International is looking into.

No motion. No vote.




Issue #6.                 Funding for Future District and International conventions

Governor Evans discusses a concern about the costs incurred by clubs hosting conventions. We are now facing a dilemma in District IV because no club has stepped up to host the General convention. It has become apparent that financial risk is one of the reasons for the reluctance of clubs to volunteer. He offered to all clubs the opportunity to work with District IV to host the upcoming convention.

Some different suggestions were discussed: reduce the number of conventions to one per year; hold the conventions in the same location each year; hold a smaller business meeting only in lieu of a full convention; reduce the time of the convention to only two days.

No motion. No vote.


Issue #7.                 Heritage Distillery presentation

Dan Durbin introduced a brief presentation about the Heritage Distillery in Gig Harbor.

No motion. No vote.


Issue #8.                 The Causes & Effects of PTSD – A Backgrounder, presented by Suman Hothi, MA (Psych), RCC, BC Borstal Society

Frank Hunaus introduced Suman Hothi, MA of the BC Borstal Society who provided an overview about post trauma stress disorder including presenting informative videos and lectures and facilitated discussions.

No motion. No vote.


Issue #9.                 PTSD and the Loneliness Epidemic. A mission for Gyro. Facilitated by Governor Evans

Governor Evans presented an idea from the floor, a continuation of sorts of Frank Hunaus’ proposals made at the Interim business meeting in March that Gyro could help with PTSD. A “discussion paper” was circulated containing the idea that Gyro, a friendship organization, could have a role to play, could have synergy with other organizations working to help combat PTSD.

Governor Evans asked each club member to take the information, the ideas, and the materials home to their clubs to discuss

No motion. No vote.


There being no further business, and no other business for the good of the order, the meeting was adjourned.



Original Signed By


Peter Evans, Governor





Sean Walsh, Secretary

Leonard Cox, August 25th 2018

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I regret to inform Club members that our good friend and fellow Gyro, Leonard Cox , has passed away after a battle with cancer. Len and and I were brought into Camosun in 2008 and I will miss him. 

We understand that Greta is on the Mainland with family.

As we receive further information regarding Len’s passing , we will keep you posted. 

Peter Whelan

North Shore Installation

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Please see the attached poster for this event.  I encourage those who are not attending the District convention, which is on the same weekend, to participate in the North Shore installation. Inter-club visitation is a long-standing tradition and its good for the health of all clubs.  Please inform Al Dahlo if you plan to attend.

Pete Evans





Cocktail party Friday evening at Dave Stockley’s home – starting at 6:30 pm

2644 Poplynn Place, North Vancouver

Formal Dinner & Installation Saturday Cocktails 6:30 – Dinner 7:30
At the Seymour Golf Club
3723 Mount Seymour Parkway North Vancouver
COST $110.00 per couple (for both evenings)

RSVP TO – Al Dahlo – or 604-929-4697