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Camosun Gyro Club of Victoria, British Columbia

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This is an Invitation to explore a membership in”Gyro”.

Gyro is a men’s friendship club. Our unique appeal is that we are simply a “Fraternity of Friendship”. We are not a service club. We are totally focused on building a network of friendships and the fun that can be found when good friends get together. Social scientists have proven over and over again that those with a wide social circle live happier, healthier and longer lives just by sharing life experiences, activities, and those other things that come with friendship. Why don’t you investigate our club, share some time and have some fun?

What do Gyro members do? Our club meets regularly at least twice monthly for dinner or drinks. There is no mandatory attendance. Just come as often as you wish. Outside these gatherings, smaller groups may get together for activities like golf, cards or sports events. The fun begins when you join a meeting. We also host mixed social events throughout the year where spouses can join in on the Gyro fun. If you have never heard of us …Gyro is not well known because we have a low social profile but as such, we have been a thriving organization for well over a hundred years with clubs spread across North America. In addition to local meetings, some of us attend out of town conventions offering the opportunity to build friends beyond our community.

Why is it called “Gyro”?
It is named after a navigational device called a gyroscope. It is useful in maintaining orientation. The name represents what this club offers. Men are often in need of social balance in their lives and friendship is often the only thing that is impervious to the events that happen in our world.

Our History .. We began out of a friendship of 3 university men in 1912.The gatherings spread across North America quickly because men found a singular, life enhancing ingredient called “friendship”.

You are always welcome as a guest of a member.

This may be just the thing you didn’t know you were looking for.

When someone joins Gyro, what do they get for their membership?
The opportunity to have friendships for life.
Gyro was designed as a place you can always go to find a degree of stability when life’s road becomes a little bumpy. A place where you can find solace in a crazy world.
This is a club that is focused on friendship. We do not get involved in ticket sales or promotions that may be the case in other clubs.
This is significant. Good friends come and good friends go but with a club dedicated to friendship, you should never run out of good friends, Good friends and a good friendship network are above all other things you can do to assure yourself of a long happy life according to every study available. These studies classify friendships for these purposes as those who are not part of your immediate family or your wife’s network.
Gyro is a place where you can go to find some fun and comradery. 
Our focus is fun & friendship. The opportunity to find friends who have needs for business services.
It goes without saying that we turn to those we call friends for advice and sources of services we may require.
In friendship, we also like to recommend people who are able to provide services to our friends outside of our Club membership.
Members who receive opportunities to do business with our members or our friends outside the club are generally very focused on providing quality services so as to avoid unfriending those in the Club. The opportunity to give back to your community in a different way
This Club operates on a pay it forward basis.
What we ask of you is that you invite other men to join us.
We ask you to become involved in making our times together fun times


Camosun Gyro Club of Victoria
Meeting at: Uplands Golf Club,
3300 Cadboro Bay Road,
Victoria, BC


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