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Camosun Gyro Club of Victoria, British Columbia

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To log in you will need a password:

On the top right hand of the screen just to the right of "British Columbia" you will see an icon that looks like the figure of a person.

Click on it and you will see the words "Forgot Password". Click on this and a new screen will appear where you enter your email address and copy the code.

Click "Submit"  then choose a password which gives entry to the member’s only part of the website.

If subsequently you forget your password simply click on “Forgot Password”.

Any questions? Call Tim Evans 250-415-9040

Zoom hints:

Our meetings and many of our other activities are now being held on Zoom. Zoom meetings can be fun. You can see and interact with other members, hear, and tell jokes, and question the speakers. For those who have not tried Zoom, here are some hints:

 1.Gyro will send you an invitation before each meeting. The invitation will have a “link”, which is a line that starts “https:” It will often be in a different colour from the rest of the message. You can join the Gyro Zoom meeting either from a smartphone or from a computer. Usually all that you must do is click on the link.

2. The first time you join a meeting, click on the link 10 minutes before the meeting start time, because Zoom will have to download some software and ask your name. For later meetings, if you use the same phone or computer, you can click on the link only one or two minutes before the meeting start time. On some computers or phones, you may have to enter the meeting ID number given in the Gyro invitation. If you want more information, see https://

3. When you are connected, you will usually be able to see the other participants and be seen. However, the others may not be able to hear you unless you click on an “Unmute” button on your screen. This button turns on the microphone in your phone or computer. On some computers or phones, the button is near the bottom of the screen, on others near the top. On some computers or phones, you will not be able to see the button until you move your cursor to the top or bottom of your screen. When you do, a black area with buttons becomes visible. One button reads either “Mute” or “Unmute”. If it says “Unmute”, you can press it to turn on your microphone. It is best to leave your microphone turned off unless you want to make a comment.

4. Near the mute/unmute button is another button marked either “Speaker View” or “Gallery View”. If it says, “Speaker View”, press it, and the person speaking will take up most of your screen. If it says “Gallery View” pressing it will show all participants in the meeting in small pictures. (On a phone only 4 will show at a time; on a computer more will show).) We recommend the setting that shows the speaker in a large part of the screen. To get this, press “Speaker View’.

5. If you cannot hear the other participants, check to see whether your computer speakers are turned off. This is controlled by the general settings of your computer.

Using Email system.

  • 1)      Open the main menu by clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner. Looks a bit like a house.
  • 2)      Click on “Email” in menu.
  • 3)      Click on “Compose email”.
  • 4)      Pick “General Use” template.
  • 5)      Click on “type here” to open message screen.
  • 6)      Type message. You can save email as you go along by clicking on “Save and Exit” on top right of screen.
  • 7)      Often you will need to attach a file and you will see on the edit bar an icon for this.
  • 8)      Click on “Preview.
  • 9)      Click on “Recipients”.
  • 10)   Click on “Contact” for individuals.
  • 11)   Click on “Contact List” for Board members, Proposed Board members, Wine Club, All Contacts or All Members.
  • 12)   Review and send. Change the response email address.
  • 13)   Do not save the email as a new template. The system will keep a copy of it.

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